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La Madonna Della Sedia

#LaMadonnaDellaSedia (La Madonna Della Seggiola) was painted by Italian renaissance painter Raphael in 1514.  It is housed in the Palazzo Pitti collection in Florence. It depicts Mary embracing the child Christ, while a young John the Baptist watches on adoringly. I acquired this drypoint … Continue reading

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Art of Madonna and Child

Throughout history, the Madonna and Child has been a recurring if not favourite image for artists to portray.  In my small collection I have several images of the ‘Madonna and Child’.  From the unknown artist to the world renowned, many … Continue reading

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Art of the Mystical

Great art has for centuries shown religious mysteries such as the Virgin Birth, the Transfiguration, the Rapture, Christ in glory, etc..  Art has never and can never claim to explain the mysteries it displays.  It is but only a rendition, … Continue reading

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Art of Stipple Engraving

Stipple engraving has for the most part disappeared as an art form.  It was popular in the 1700’s as an art form in itself but had been used with line engraving since the 1500’s.  Stipple engraving is a technique which distributes dots … Continue reading

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