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Thomas Malton (the younger) engraver

Today, I came across a set of four engravings by #ThomasMalton (1748-1804). Designated ‘the younger’ to distinguish him from his father, also Thomas Malton. ‘The younger’ was born in London. His father was a noted architectural draughtsman and author on … Continue reading

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King’s College, Cambridge

Just down the road is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world.  King’s College, Cambridge has for centuries had a reputation for excellence.  It is, also, due to it’s architecture and chapel, a favourite with artists of all … Continue reading

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Architectural Drawing as Art

I have several architectural drawings of buildings which are in many ways pieces of art.  They are also pieces of history showing buildings as they were conceived and built.  There are several avenues to research such items.  They can be … Continue reading

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Art of Architecture

This week, I added an antique print to my collection.  It comes from a publication called ‘The Building News’.  It was printed and published on November 27th, 1868. One does not usually think of architectural drawings as art now-a-days, but … Continue reading

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Art Inspired

One does not now what truly inspires an artist to memorialise a scene but we, the viewers, should be moved or enticed into joining with the artist in seeing his motivation.  Being individuals we will each see from our own perspective and thus find … Continue reading

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