Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska artist

A couple of years ago, I picked up a type of artwork that I do not come across very often and which I know almost nothing about. I can not weave, although, in my university years, I did dabble in crewel work to relax. The artist #ZofiaMatuszczyk-Cygańska (1915-2011) is a Polish artist more known now for her painting than her weaving. Originally studying mathematics, she decided that art was her desired vocation. She studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under Edward Kokoszka. After the war, she studied with Felicjan Kowarski.

Written onto linen backing – verso

Also, after the war, she worked for the LAD cooperative designing fabrics, some of which adorn the Palace of Culture and Science, the Grand Hotel, and the National Philharmonic. From the 1950s, she started creating abstract paintings composed of small square swatches of colour. A mosaic, in fact, almost pointillist in effect. Her paintings resemble the tapestry style where she began her career.

Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska weaving

This piece hangs above the headboard in my master bedroom. It has warmth, depth, motion, and a use of colours which exudes life and the passing of time.

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