Two Modern Artists

I am not always a fan of modern art. I find some pieces as not thought through or show little effort has been put into them. Both the artists, today, show that less can be more when it comes to art.

We will start with #PeterHedegaard (1929-2008) who was a London based artist. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark but moved to London in 1935 with his parents. He studied at Charterhouse and Hertford College, Oxford. He studied design at the Bartlett School of Architecture. He worked only for a short time before becoming a professional artist. He was the painter – his wife, Isolde, taught herself screen printing so that they could publish/print copies of Peters’ work. They produced 2 or 3 screenprint editions per year.

Circle with Wave – green, blue, and mauve 7/10 by Peter Hedegaard @ 1965

In my collection is “Circle with wave, green, blue, and mauve”. It comes from early in Hedegaards’ career, 1965, and is #7 from a print run of 10. A simple combination of line, colour, and shape create a very fine work. A fine example of the geometrical work which Hedegaard was known for.

Our second artist is #FredIngrams. After his early studies, Fred became a painter. He lived in Soho above the Coach and Horses Pub. Over the years he also worked as a graphic artist for a number of publications which include The Times, The Field, Tattler, Vogue and House and Garden. In 1998, he moved to Norfolk where he paints both nudes and landscapes from life. The engraving from my collection was created in 1989. It is simply called ‘Nude’ and is #15 of 50.

Nude 15/50 – engraving by Fred Ingrams @ 1989
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