Croxton Kerrial Church

I came across a painting of ‘St Botolph and St John the Baptist’, Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire, this past week. It is done by an artist for whom I can find no information. The label on the verso states that it was painted in 1965 by #DRScoffins.

‘Church and Village’ – St Botolph & St John the Baptist Church, – oil on hardboard by D R Scoffins @ 1965

This work is done with a limited colour palette using black, grey, brown and orange. Earth tones which give a calm peaceful feel to this quiet village.

But within these hallowed walls lies a piece of history. The heart of King John (1166-1216) lies intered beneath the altar. The Abbot of Croxton was called to hear King John’s confession and after his embalming his heart was buried at Croxton Abbey. It is said that King John’s bowels are buried on Windmill Hill nearby. His body was taken south to Worcester Cathedral and buried in front of the altar of St Wulfstan.

I like the colour and impressionistic/naive style especially the wind-blown trees on the right side. Thick layers of paint (impasto) allow the light/shadow to play across the image. A handsome work done by an artist who should be better known.

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