Peggy Wickham artist

Today, we consider artist #PeggyWickham (1909-1978) nee #MarjorieJoanEarnshaw. It is more likely that you would have heard of her mother. For she was the daughter of #MabelLucieAtwell. Her mother was a children’s illustrator and comics artist and it was her depictions of cute cuddly infants which made her famous. These images by her mother were called ‘Chubbies’. It is said that Peggy was the inspiration for her mother’s ‘chubbies’ drawings.

Peggy studied art at the Royal Academy 1927-31. While at the Academy she met her husband to be, Michael Wickham. He was also a comic artist as well as photographer. Peggy’s works include portraits, illustrations, children’s pictures and some design work.

Little girl and doll – portrait by Peggy Wickham @ 1930/40

I picked up this drawing by Peggy Wickham recently. The paper has age spotting on it but one can see the talent which Peggy had for portraiture. You can also see the influence on her by her mother and her technique of illustrating her ‘chubbies’. The rosie cheeks and the confident posture show that this little girl is a character to be reckoned with. I post an image by her mother below.

Little girl – drawing by Lucie Mabel Atwell
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