Modern Prints

I thought today, we would visit two artists. Printmakers. One sadly not with us any more but the second still plying their trade.

We will begin with #TomMackenzie (1947-2018). A Scottish artist who lived and worked in #Portree on the beautiful Isle of Skye. Most of his etchings portray the Isle or places on the west coast of Scotland. Generally, he used 3 plates to make his works allowing several colours to be used in each work. The simplicity which we see when we gaze on his works disguises the amazing technique and subtlety of light. He made small print runs, usually of 75 or less. My copy of #LochCluanie shows off his talent as an etcher. The grandeur of the landscape is countered by the misty, foreboding remoteness of this place to engage the viewer to look deeply into this image.

Loch Cluanie – 2/75 – etching by Tom Mackenzie

Next , we go to visit artist #ThelmaKSykes (1940 – ) an artist who works by cutting images into both lino and wood block. Again, she uses 3 blocks for most her works allowing the use of several colours. She is a field naturalist as well as print maker. Her subjects being mostly the wildlife/birdlife she which she encounters. The print ‘Smews’ from my collection is typical of her 3 colour pieces. Well balanced in layout as well as in colour make this an intimate meeting between viewer and viewed.

Smew – 11/23 – lino/wood cut by Thelma K Sykes
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