Malcolm Osborne engraver

#MalcolmOsborne was born in 1880 at Frome, Somerset. At the age of 20, he moved to Streatham, London with his brother. From 1901 to 1906, he studied under artist and print maker Frank Short at the Royal College of Art.

Osborne produced intaglio landscape prints, urban scenes and portraits. He published his first etching in 1904. Over his career he created just over 100 etchings, drypoints, and aquatints. His works were published in limited editions of 50 to 150 copies.

I have two engravings by Osborne in my collection. A very fine image of St Martin in the Fields from 1906 published by The Art Journal, London, Virtue & Co.

St Martin in the Fields – etching by Malcolm Osborne @ 1906

The other a portrait of Charles Melville Gillespie, Professor of Philosophy at Leeds University. A fine example of his portrait work.

Charles Gillespie – etching by Malcolm Osborne @ 1927
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