Edward Nevil

No one is quite sure who #EdwardNevil was. Little information regarding him can be found. The name may be an alias so as to avoid contractual obligations something a number of artists did. He was a prolific artist working around 1880 to 1900. He traveled extensively producing views of Buge, Antwerp, Rheims and many images of his favoured northern counties of England.

Horse and cart passing thru town – watercolour by Edward Nevil @ 1880/1900

A very competent artist producing genre scenes of the North of England. He painted a number of scenes around Whitby and Staithes. Using a wide colour palette along with smooth efficient brushwork his images are pleasing and inviting. Nevil was a painter in watercolours/gouache but did dabble in oils.

Shepherd with flock passing a farm cottage – watercolour by Edward Nevil @ 1880/1900

These two scenes may come from that area of the North of England which Nevil favoured. Two pieces displaying this artists talent and ability.

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