A. Victor Coverley-Price artist

An artist born in Winchester in 1901 is the subject of our chapter today. #ArthurVictorCoverley-Price was an adventurous soul. He loved both painting and climbing things especially those mountains which were a challenge.

Coverley-Price was a talented artist from his early youth. He was mostly self-taught and began his exhibiting prior to his graduation from college. He loved to travel all the while drawing, sketching, and painting. Coverley-Price worked in the Diplomatic Service which meant he traveled the globe. Nepal, South America, Japan, the Middle East, South Africa, North America and many other places were his canvas and inspiration. Painting the people, the streets they populated and the landscapes in which they lived.

Muckish from near Dunfanaghy (Ireland) watercolour by V. Coverley-Price

His adventurous life and search for thrills and challenges to face did not diminish his appreciation for beauty in the more accessible places around him. A use of bold strokes and bright colours in his images infuses them with energy and life. We can feel the artists love of the scenes that sit before him and which he endeavours to capture for us the viewer.

A Glimpse of Lake Garda watercolour by V. Coverley-Price

I have two of Coverley-Price’s watercolours in my collection. ‘#Muckish from near Dunfanaghy’ and ‘A glimpse of #LakeGarda’ both exhibit the exhilaration and joy which the artist must have felt when he visited those places. Both images are fresh and vivid and filled with the spirit the places they depict.

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