A Form of Flattery

As a singer, I would listen to a number of artists who had recorded a piece and study their interpretation. Not to copy these performances but to effect my performance. This act of trying to relate to others in your field goes for most of the arts as well as careers we might have. Painting and drawing is no different. What better way to increase your skill than to study those great artists before you.

salutation with artist name and date

We look at a drawing by artist Walter F Corry. I have found no information in regards to this artist. The date on this piece reads as 16.10.05. From the age of the paper, I lean towards 1805 rather than 1905. I cannot say for sure, even, whether Walter Corry was the artist or this was given as a gift to s friend. The salutation is ink while the drawing is graphite.

Head of an old man – study for St Jerome after Albrecht Dürer

The artist here has used pencil/graphite to recreate a study by Albrecht Dürer. A study of a 92 year old man for Dürer’s painting of St Jerome. It is very well done. Not an exact copy but a very fine version. The subtle shading gives credit to the supreme artist which Dürer was. A fine and lovely artwork to look at.

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