Roy Calne artist

To most people , the artist #RoyCalne is an unknown entity. They might know him better as a surgeon working in nearby Cambridge. Roy Calne was Professor of Surgery at Cambridge University. His pioneering work was in the use of  immunosuppressant drugs to prevent rejection after transplant and grafting surgeries. He performed the first liver, lung, and heart transplant in 1987. Many, many awards have come his way as well as a knighthood.

Blooms by Roy Calne

Calne has become a successful painter. His works often depict the clinical procedures which his patients go through.

Canes’ artistic works have become popular around the world as  he broadens the knowledge/support for organ transplant. He  is a member of the art group ‘Group 90′ in Singapore. This Eastern  influence can certainly be seen in todays’ artwork. A use of bright vibrant colours and bold brush strokes lead to a captivating image.

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