Middle East Art

I do not come across modern artworks which originate in the Middle East very often. I have two works by #SumbatKiureghian (Iranian artist) and this piece which we will look at today (I think Lebanese or Syrian).

Young girl in Syrian house garden – watercolour by Hisham al Khayat

It is a portrait of a young girl/lady sitting in the back garden of her home. It is finely painted in muted and pastel colours, evoking a sense of quiet calm and rest. It displays many middle Eastern regular home items. The wonderful throws and rugs/carpets, the tiled yard, the pottery – all these portray a family not poor. Here this young lady has found a space for contemplation. What great question does she think on?

The piece is signed and dated but I do do not have the ability to read the signature. As you can see it was painted some 25 years ago.

signature and date

There is one other identifying feature and this is found on the verso. A name appears. #HKhayat is written in pencil. Whether this is the english translation of the signature or possibly another interested party, I do not know. Googling H. Khayat brings up a young lady who works for Christie’s Auction House as their specialist in Middle Eastern Modern Art.

Name on verso

A pleasant piece to look at. It calms and makes you pause as with the young lady and just take a moment for some small peace.

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