Cyril Edward Deakins artist

Most will not recognise the artist of today’s chapter for to me he is a local man. #CyrilEdwardDeakins (1916-2002) was an artist who worked in many mediums – oils, tempera, watercolours, wood-engraving and etching. His technique was sound and his output was considered traditional – landscapes, figures, flowers, still-life, and architectural drawings. He loved painting East Anglia with all of it’s many wonderful faces.k

The Adam and Eve Pub, Norwich

Deakins was easy-going by nature. He didn’t strive for fame. He was satisfied to be considered a capable jobbing artist. The ‘Adam and Eve’ shows, I think, that he was better than your ‘average’ artist. The feeling this painting evokes feels right – friendliness, joy, warmth, and camaraderie. Love the old locals out front.

The #AdamandEve is the oldest pub in Norwich. The building is a former monastery brewhouse with a history which goes back to 1249 and possibly older. The watercolour shows the pub as it was in 1952. A place where drinking was secondary and socialising was paramount. You can still have a pint drawn – so when in Norwich take the time to visit and consider through what times this place has lived.

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