Robert W. Macbeth artist

We travel to Glasgow, Scotland, to visit with artist #RobertWMacbeth (1848-1910). Robert belonged to a family which produced a good number of artists. His father was a well known portrait painter, two of his brothers were artists and his niece was also a painter.

Macbeth was a painter, etcher, and watercolorist who specialised in pastoral landscape scenes. Rustic rural life was his inspiration.

Like many artists, Macbeth traveled to London to study. His focus on realistic everyday scenes brought him to the attention of ‘The Graphic Illustrated Magazine’ for which he worked at the end of his studies.

His paintings display the rural country life found in the Lincolnshire and Somerset counties. Macbeth often painted out-of-doors, working from real life to produce his works. From 1871, Macbeth exhibited his art regularly. He achieved many honours for his works. Macbeth was a highly talented engraver and his works include numerous plates after artists like Burne-Jones, Velasquez, Titian, Mason and Walker. His engravings exude vigour and depth mirroring their original source paintings.

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