Art walls

After six years of collecting, I have acquired a good number of artworks. This has come to mean that I have run out of wall space to display them. Over time, I have leant towards hanging originals rather than prints. I certainly do not claim to be an interior designer in any sense and my picture walls tend to be items which I like to look at. This room has a wall which is mostly devoted to the female form and has a pair of chairs for relaxing and reading.

The landing and stairwell are also picture galleries (too narrow to get a nice photo of) but this shot is from the master bedroom onto the landing. Once again, I concentrate on originals but there are two prints along the bottom which bear the JMW Turner studio blind stamp ( this means that these were in Turner’s possession when he died and were bequeathed to the nation at his death). As seen, some things from that bequest have been sold into public possession.

I try not to over power or indiscriminately hang pictures (although there may be no connection between them other than my liking them) so again I have limited myself to one one wall in another room which looks as follows.Over the six years which I have collected, I believe I have found some lovely things. Not all perfect but they have been loved and appreciated by those who owned them. The pieces on my walls range from an old French master to living British artists and so many in between – some known and some not. They each tell their own story and I, hopefully, will carry their tale forward to others.

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