Art Vandalized

There is an oil painting, which now hangs on the wall in my spare room, which I bought on a dare for one pound. A section of it had been painted over by someone who thought it would be funny. In fact the whole painting has seen better days – crazing and missing chips of paint – but even so – I thought the underlying artwork was worthy of appreciation. Here is an image of the work before a little work was done on it. You can just see the possible quality but the addition of a Minion is somewhat distracting and overpowering. I decided that the minion had to go but what would be in it’s place.

Before I reveal the final image, I thought I might write about my research into the painting. In many ways it is reminiscent of #WalterSickert 1860-1942 (Camden Town Group), #PierreBonnard (1867-1947) and #EdgarDegas (1834-1917) three artists who followed on from the great Impressionists. The sparse furnishings, the metal frame bed, quilted bedspread, mirror, and the colourings of walls and floor all can be seen in these artist’s works. A visage of the bohemian life of the artist.

But there is no signature, no title and no pedigree to the painting. The canvas and state of the oil paint itself tells me it comes from the early 20th century (the time of the above named artists) but from there all is speculation. A piece by a well-known artist or by someone influenced by those named above that is yet speculation.

So, here is the work as it appears now on my wall. The female figure is now the focal point of the work. A painting, I think, done by a fine artist’s hand. I hope you can appreciate it as I do.

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