Frits Thaulow artist

A visit to an artist who should be far better known. He was an artist who walked the line between Impressionism and Realism. #FritsThualow (1847-1906) was a Norwegian painter known for his beautiful landscapes. As a young man he was educated at the academy in Copenhagen under the tutelage of CF Sorensen and later with Hans Gude in Baden School of Art in Karlsruhe. In 1875, Thaulow moved to Paris where he developed a realistic approach to painting. Thaulow was born into a well-to-do family and this allowed him to study with leading artists of his time.At first Thaulow focused on becoming an artist of seascapes and marine vistas but over time became more interested in landscapes especially those with small bodies of water. His masterful portrayal of water and how it reacts and reflects is sublime. Thaulow traveled between Norway and France for several years and finally settled in Paris for the last 14 years of his life. Thaulow is credited with bringing Impressionism to Norway. Thurlow did not marry, thus after his death, officials sold his studio.The aquatint presented here is titled ‘The River, Snowy Day’ or ‘Wintry Landscape’. It is known that Thaulow painted this scene several times (1 oil and 5 pastel drawings) Each with slight variations in the buildings. Mr. Vidar Poulsson, an expert on this artist, has stated that this present work was probably made during his stay at Petit-Appeville, a small village near Dieppe by the river Scie. Probably painted around 1895.

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