James Rouse Jr porcelain artist

Artistry ran in this artist’s family. James’ father was a painter for Royal Crown Derby and is the only artist to work in all three of its’ factories – Nottingham Road, King Street, and Osmaston Road. Senior was a versatile artist, painting flowers to animals to portraits with aplomb. A trait found in a rare few porcelain artists.

#JamesRouseJr (1834-1891) was also very talented. He served his apprenticeship painting figures for #Coalport but was happier as an independent ‘china painter’ rather than an employee of any single company.

The plate shown is a Minton plate. #Mintons is impressed into the back as well as the year mark for 1873. The month stamp is unreadable.

The central image is 4 1/4″ in diameter. It depicts a dairymaid with two cows and a calf in a barn. It is signed (near bottom edge) in the image J. Rouse. One can see the quality of this painter who worked on blanks from a number of different porcelain factories.

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