Neidpath Castle

Heading north, today to a place which if your not looking for it you would miss. #NeidpathCastle is located a mile from Peebles in an area called ‘The Borders’. The castle rests on the side of a steep gorge overlooking a bend of the #RiverTweed. The castle has seen a lot of history but can only be visited by appointment, nowadays. The tower dates back to the 14th century but major renovations and alterations occurred during the 16th and 17th centuries. Neidpath Castle was the longest surviving bastion against Cromwell but even it fell due to the incredible damage done by cannon barrages which led to the defenders surrender. The castle was visited by Mary Queen of Scots in 1563 and was an inspiration to Sir Walter Scott and William and Dorothy Wordsworth. It has been the set of a number of movie scenes which include The Bruce, Merlin, and Joan of Arc.

The watercolour is 19th century but I have yet to decipher the signature on the verso and the lithograph comes from The River Tweed by George Reid (1884). A place to visit next time I’m traveling north.

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