Clifford George Blampied artist

Today, we look at an artist from The Channel Islands. #CliffordGeorgeBlampied (1875-1962) was a watercolour artist from St Helier, Jersey. A talented artist who produced many works from his local region – The Channel Islands. The scene which we see here is titled ‘Janvrin’s Tomb’. It is found on the tidal island of L’Ile au Guerdain in Portelet Bay. The tomb/tower is also known as Portelet Tower. It was built in 1808 by the British. It was 17ft (5m) tall and 27ft (8m) in diameter – housed a garrison of 12 men and their commanding sergeant and was armed with an 18-pounder carronade.

It is named after a local seafaring man, Philippe Janvrin, who died from the plague in 1721. The local authorities feared the contagion and refused the body’s return to the island and requested that it be interred on the tidal island. Thus, the tower became Janvrin’s tomb. His body was re-interred at a later time at St Brelade.

This watercolour displays a favourite painting site of the artist. I have seen a number of other watercolours which are painted from varying angles around the bay.

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