Sir Edwin Landseer

Today, we look at an artist whose reputation as a painter of animals was and is unrivalled. #EdwinHenryLandseer (1802-1873) was and is best known for his paintings of horses, dogs, and stags. Landseer was also a sculptor and if you have been to Trafalgar Square, you would have seen his handiwork. He created the four bronze lions at the base of Lord Nelson’s Column.

I acquired two 9″ diameter mahogany plaques with finely painted representations of Landseer’s work. ‘Sleeping Bloodhound’ and ‘Suspense’ are presented here done with black oil paint over graphite. They were painted no later than 1900 and possibly much earlier even to Landseer’s time. Might they even be by the great artist. He was known to paint on mahogany panel. They are fine works and unique in shape and material in my searchings.

Like most artists, Landseer made most of his renown and income from the publication of engravings of his works. A number of these engravings were made by his brother Thomas Landseer. I have a number of engravings in my collection done by various engravers. The mezzotint ‘Waiting for Master’ was etched by William Giller after Landseer’s painting called ‘Favourites’ which resides with the Royal Collection.

I also have mezzotints of ‘High Life’ and ‘Life’ both engraved by CC Hollyer. One can understand Edwin Landseer’s popularity just from these few works and the reproducing of his work in other mediums allowed his reputation to grow and grow and grow. One quirky point about Landseer is that he was reported to be able to paint with both hands at the same time. A skill indeed seeing the wonderful technique in his works.

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2 Responses to Sir Edwin Landseer

  1. Kim Johnston says:

    Mr. Rouse. Can you help me identify some paintings and porcelain I have. Thanks, Kim

    • ronald972 says:

      I maybe able to do some research for you. I would need good photos of the artworks and porcelain . All sides of the items and any information which you might already have and I will see what I can find from there.

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