Persian Miniatures

Today, we travel to Iran to look at miniature paintings. And we begin with artist #ArdeshirMojaradTakestani. Takestani was born in the city of Rasht in 1949 and is presently one of the foremost painters in the miniature style. He is also trained as a tasheir. A tasheir is an artist who decorates the margins of books.

Takestani studied with a number of master miniature painters and then traveled to Germany to continue his research into the gilding of books. After completing his studies he return to his home town to work for the local museum conserving and repairing the traditional precious manuscripts which it held. He was called upon by other museums and mosques to manage the care of their manuscripts. He, presently, teaches miniature painting at Tehran University and other centres, adjudicates art exhibitions, and has published works on painting, gilding, and book decorating. A multi-talented artist who looks after ancient manuscripts, teaches miniature painting at Tehran University, and is a professional artist.

The decorating of books by great artists has been done in most societies. Each with their own styles and techniques. Here presented are the recto and verso of a decorated book. And we finish with a piece which has been decorated – but in this case the painting has been inserted over the top of the original written text. Still beautiful but why paint over the text.

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