The Genius of Paper

I thought I would begin this year with a short chapter on something which must be one of man’s greatest inventions. #Paper is something which we take for granted nowadays and are now limiting or trying to eradicate some of its’ uses. But paper is in so many ways a fundamental part of the arts. Paper is an amazing concept. We fold it, mould it, pierce it, print on it, paint on it, etc. The pieces which I display in this post show a number of combinations to which paper has been put to use. The first is a keepsake card/bookmark with moulded and pierced edges surrounding a printed etching. The second is another with moulded edges (far more extensive) enclosing a printed image. The final piece is one which has been embossed, impressed, pierced, cut, coloured, layered, and printed. The creation of something unique and personal. Paper an invention which changed the world and continues to influence the world of art. An amazing and versatile creation.

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