A Musical Opportunity

Today, I thought I would wander into town and visit a couple of charity shops to see what I might find. I am always pleased when I find things relating to Ely Cathedral. Well, today, I found two part-books of music; not vocal but instrumental. They are for the viola and the violoncello. Volumes 9 and 10 of some set. Each book contains music by the composers Joseph Haydn, Charles Avison, Antonio Kammell, and Gasparo Fritz.

Instrumental part for Three Quartets by Joseph Haydn

The #Haydn quartets are from Opus 76. They were originally published in 1799. I have the parts for the first three trios; “1 – The Jack-in-the-box, 2 – Fifths, and 3 – Emporer. The watermark on the copies I have reads 1819. They were published by #MuzioClementi at 26 Cheapside, London.

Part book for Twelve Concertos in quartet by Charles Avison

The next composer is #CharlesAvison, a Newcastle upon Tyne. The books contain the instrument parts for concertos 7 to 12, opus 9; written in 1766. The watermarks show that these are possible a first edition.

Divertimento for quartet by Antonio Kammell

The third composer is #AntonioKammell (1730-1784). He was a close friend of JC Bach. There are no watermarks on this hand-made paper, so, I can only guess that it might be a possible first edition. The paper itself is interesting. It has an odd colour when held to the light and no chain lines.

Sei Sonatefor 4 instruments by Gasparo Fritz @ 1742

Our last composer is #GasparoFritz (1716-1783) and his set of 6 sonatas. Once again, the watermark tells me these are a very early imprint, most likely corresponding with the 1742 publishing date.

Annotation from sonata # 6

I finish with an image of the notation from sonata # 6. Hope you enjoy.

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