Derek Brown artist

Today, we visit with #DerekBrown (1924-2009). Born in London, He served in the army during WWII after which he trained and worked as a dentist. The death of his father (who was an artist) in 1954 was the turning point in Dereks’ life. From that point he started to paint, mostly in oils, but he dabbled in watercolour also. He was self taught but did attend Heatherley School of Fine Art where he was influenced by Australian impressionist painter Hayward Veal. By 1984 he was a full time artistwith shows at home and abroad. His paintings mostly of flowers have a finesse of touch and vibrancy of colour that brings his work to life. His colour palette frolics and plays while blending together in a joyful dance.

Ely Cathedral – watercolour by Derek Brown

The piece in my collection is not a floral but an image of the ‘Ship of the Fens’ Ely Cathedral. One can see the blending of colours which he is known for. Nicely impressionistic and yet accurate in its’ depiction of the scene. A beautiful work by a talented artist who lived locally in Cambridgeshire.

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