Edward Bishop artist

Today we visit an artist who was known for painting in oils,pastel work, print making, lithography, photography, design, and teaching. Quite a list but #EdwardBishop (1902-1997) was multi-talented. His early training was at the Central School of Arts and Crafts where he learned to draw. His talent brought him to design posters for the Stoll Theatres and after winning a competition working for the advertising agency Lintas (Unilever account). He later worked at S H Benson agency (on Kodak and Austin cars accounts). During these years, Bishop became a skilled photographer. After WWII, Bishop concentrated on painting and was an active member of the burgeoning British art scene. He was a member of several art groups as well as chair and president for a couple of those groups.

Whitby 10/14 – lithograph by Edward Bishop @ 1931

The above lithograph was done early on in Bishop’s career while he was employed at the Lintas Agency. It is a view across the rooftops of the city of Whitby out onto the harbour where a few boats can be seen. Although, I have seen a number of images regarding his paintings, I have not really come across his works as a printmaker. The image certainly shows his drawing/design skill along with his architectural eye. A nicely printed image with good depth of tone and a dash of colour to strengthen the image.

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