Anton Mauve painter

#AntonMauve (1838-1888) was born in Zaandam, The Netherlands. He was a realist painter best known for his works depicting peasants working in the fields beside their animals. His father was a Mennonite Chaplin and shortly after Anton’s birth the family moved to Haarlem.His early training was under Pieter van Os, Wouter Verschuur, and Paul Gabriël. His technique was quite loose and free while using a broad palette of delicate grey’s, greens and light blues.

Milking Time – watercolour with charcoal and gouache by Anton Mauve @ 1875

Mauve moved to The Hague, 1872, where he became a leading member in the #HagueSchool of painters. Late in life, Mauve moved to the village of Laren, Gooi area near Hilversum. Mauve and other artists (Israel’s, Neuhuys, etc) who resided there became known as the #LarenseSchool.

Mauve was married to Vincent van Gogh’s cousin and he influenced van Gogh’s style immensely. Van Gogh studied under Mauve for a short while when he began his experimentation with oils and watercolours.

Returning to the Fold – drypoint etching by Anton Mauve

These two pieces definitely display Mauve’s artistry in his rural depictions. I add a couple of close ups to show the layering of the colours which make the first work so beautiful and a joy to look at.

Milking Time – watercolour by Anton Mauve – close up
Milking Time – watercolour by Anton Mauve – close up

I have seen another version of the watercolour in which the first cow on the left has been left out along with several other small differences.

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