George Cattermole artist

A while back, I purchased a watercolour to add to my collection. It is a scene showing a group of people crowded around a table beside a very large fireplace. The signature on the verso reads #GeorgeCattermole (1800-1868).

Verso of watercolour

When one looks at the painting, we discover a surprising thing. On the seat of the chair on the extreme right side of the image is a name. I am not convinced that this is the artist’s name thusly the image not being painted by Cattermole but rather might be a sly way of giving credit to Cattermole’s sponsor/benefactor for this painting. It is too surreptitious for my thinking to be an legitimate signature.

Fireplace scene by/afterGeorge Cattermole

There was a lithographic plate done by #LouisHaghe (1806-1885) of this image. It was created around 1835. Hague was done of the great lithographers of his time and published many works. Quite an efficient work by whomever did it.

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