Bessie Hevenor artist

I picked up a pastel portrait at a charity shop this past week. It is nicely drawn and coloured and created by artist #BessieAcker (neeHevenor). Not an artist which I had come across before and there is not too much information about her. Her mother was silent film star actress #MaryKelly and her father was lumber magnate #HarveyHevenor.

#BessieHevenor was born in New York City in 1922. She passed away in 2005. Her artistic talent was spotted early and was honed by the tutelage of Ethel Paxton. During WWII, she worked for Gibbs & Cox’s naval division as a draftsperson. She also produced commissioned portraits of GI’s to augment her income. She has won numerous awards regarding her work in pastel producing exquisite portraits of both adults and children.

Above is the work picturing according to the note on the back an unknown soldier. But I think the soldier is not unknown but actually very famous. This image would have been created posthumously for the soldier died/disappeared in 1944. I think this is an image of #GlennMiller, trombone player and possibly best leader/conductor of a swing band ever.

Glenn Miller

Some might say maybe maybe not but I am convinced that Bessie did a posthumous portrait of Glenn Miller. I base my decision on the structure of the ear which is as identifiable and individual as a finger print aside from the glasses.

Miller disappeared in 1944 while flying to Paris from London. The loss of his plane has never fully been explained though several causes have been postulated.

I think a good likeness of a great musician and a loss of a man much too early.

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