Schloss Oranienstein

#SchlossOranienstein is found at Diez on the Lahn. It is a castle or palace which was home to #WilliamV,PrinceofOrange for a number of years. The palace was built on the ruins of #DiersteinAbbey for the CV ountess Albertine Agnes of Nassau.

The French invasion of the Dutch Republic forced William V to flee; first to England and then to Oranienstein. From there he renounced his claim to any and all territories in the Netherlands and recognised the Batavian Republic. This was offset by First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte, who granted him financial and territorial benefits elsewhere.

Some years later William VI refused his support of Napoleon and as a result his claim to the castle was rescinded and all the furniture and art was sold by Napoleon. The palace then became the summer house/hunting lodge to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

In 1866, the Duchy of Nassau was annexed by Prussia and the palace was given to the Prussian army the following year. The castle remains a station for the army but now contains offices and a museum. Being a military base, one must book tours and have identification to enter.

Schloss Oranienstein near Diez – graphite with sepia wash drawing by unknown artist @ 1780

The whole image is lightly drawn in graphite and the sepia tones added to give depth and shading. This sepia wash drawing from my collection shows the palace standing tall and majestic at the rim of a promontory A river runs a the foot of this precipice although not seen. A fine home to the royal family even in exile. A finely executed drawing from history.

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