Arthur Anderson Fraser artist

We visit with an artist who I would call a local. #ArthurAndersonFraser was born in Bedford, 1861 and died in Holywell, 1904. His family hailed originally from Scotland but moved to the East of England in the mid 19th century. Five of Arthur’s brothers became artists also.

The Fraser family of artists worked mostly in watercolour producing landscapes. Their atmospheric paintings of rural East Anglia capture the fens in moments of stillness and calm.

Arthur was mostly self taught and by 1880 was gaining recognition and popularity. He regularly exhibited his watercolours. Arthur produced peaceful country scenes, mainly displaying sites along the River Great Ouse between Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire We see the woods, fields, towpaths, etc. which he traveled or saw regularly.

The watercolour in my collection is from his early life when he signed his work as A. Anderson. It shows an arched stone bridge over a river in a forested area. It has some age spots and a tear but is typical of the quality pieces which Arthur created. It is signed, titled(location – near Enfield), and dated 1881.

Near Enfield – watercolour by Arthur Anderson Fraser @ 1881
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