T H Victor artist

I thought today we might travel to two places. One which I have visited and the other not. Firstly, a trip to the south west of England to the small fishing village of Mousehole, Cornwall. Three miles from Penzance, this quaint fishing village with its fisherman’s cottages huddled around the harbour will capture your heart. The artist #ThomasHenryVictor (1894-1980) also known as #W.Sands lived in Mousehole. He studied art but turned down a scholarship to the Slade School in London. It is thought that he never went further from Mousehole than Truro. The watercolour from my collection shows the harbour with its fishing boats along with the Lobster Pot restaurant and adjoining buildings. It is typical of his work in that it displays a busy harbour and uses a lively colour palette.

Mousehole by Thomas Henry Victor @ 1950/60

Our second stop requires a jump to the French/Italian border. The small town of Menton is the border between Provence and Genoa. It has been part of Italy, part of Monaco, but is now part of France. Because of its climate it is a fashionable tourist destination and houses some magnificent mansions and gardens. It is also renowned for its citrus fruit – tangerines, oranges, and lemons.

Menton, the Bridge Saint Louis – watercolour by George Gurney @ 1911

The watercolour shows the #BridgeSaintLouis at Menton with the Alps as backdrop. Done in 1911 by #GeorgeGurney (little info found on him) using a wide colour palette, this work displays the beauty and ruggedness of the area. What a view as one hangs out the laundry.

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