Russian and Eastern European Art

As I have stated before, I often buy pieces because I like them. That should be a main reason for anyone buying art. This being said, we will look at a number of pieces from #Russia and Eastern Europe. I will keep my comments to a minimum since I do not read or speak Russian so cannot tell you anything about these pieces other than to describe them.

St Botolph Cathedral, Moscow
Landscape with farm and cow engraving
Shepherd with flock in landscape engraving

We begin with three engravings. The first is of #StBasilCathedral on the Red Square in Moscow. The next two are landscapes. The first with a farm stead and cow and the second with shepherd and flock. All three are titled and signed by the artist. The next pair are watercolours, once again signed and titled. The first being St Basil Cathedral again. One of a set of six which I have by the same artist. The second is a view of the #Atlantes holding the ceiling of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. I attach a picture of the writing on the verso.


To finish, we have two drawings. One a portrait the other a city scene.


All of these are fine pieces of art each with their own specific reasons. Any Russian linguists – I would be thankful for an interpretation of any and all of the titles and signatures so that I might update this chapter. Thank you.

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