William Taylor Longmire artist

We visit the Lake District to consider the work of #WilliamTaylorLongmire (1841-1914). He was born in #Troutbeck near Ambleside and he was expected to carry on his fathers trade as a farmer and butcher. After the family move to Stavely, William was prompted, by the local vicar, to take up and then study drawing. As a young lad of just 10 years, he suffered an accident. A fall into the lake led to complications resulting in the total loss of hearing. Longmire is most widely known for his paintings of the Lake District mostly in watercolour but he did paint in oils also. By the age of 30, this mostly self-taught painter had set up his own studio in Ambleside.

I have two of Longmire paintings in my collection. The first of an unknown lake ( I think Grasmere) painted in 1891. It has lived a hard life, like many of his works today, it has faded and stained due to being hung in a sunny front room. The second work is of #Buttermere and was executed in 1878.Here, we see a picture in far better condition. From these two works, one comes to understand why Longmire was a well appreciated artist. They are colourful and atmospheric, displaying both the beauty and harshness which the local residents experienced in everyday life. I have been to Ambleside and the Lake District. Things have moved on but the area retains it’s beauty.

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