Carl Vandyk, Photographer to Royalty

I don’t usually collect photographs but I couldn’t resist this one. It is a portrait of a fine looking gentleman sitting at an amazing table in a wonderful chair. On the mount just below the picture is the name C. Vandyk. #CarlVandyk (1851-1931) was born in Bunde, Germany. He opened a photographic studio in London in 1882 on Gloucester Road. In 1901, he opened a second studio on Buckingham Palace Road. He was a royal photographer, taking portraits of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V as well as notables such as Alexander I of Yugoslavia, Christian X of Denmark, Buffalo Bill, and Enrico Caruso. Vandyk is associated with 659 portraits in the #NationalPortraitGallery in London. This portrait does not appear in the NPG catalogue. His two brothers were also photographers with their own studios and his son carried on his studios after his death.

Also on the verso is a small hand-written note in regards to when this portrait was framed. The date appears to be March 1st, 1906 with the framers signature and place of framing below. So here is the portrait itself. I believe the sitter to be #KingEdwardVII. I have yet to find another copy of this portrait anywhere. The verso carries no image/copy number in the place provided. My research continues.It is a superb image of a man very comfortable in his surrounding. The image is so good, one can read the title of the unopened book (The House Annual – 1903), make out that the gentleman is reading German poetry, that his suit is of superb quality, and that he is wearing an Albert chain to his pocket watch. A very fine portrait indeed.

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