Henry Perronet Briggs portraitist

As I acquire pieces for my collection, I find myself leaning towards original works. Even works from artists that I may not have heard of. Certainly, #HenryPerronetBriggs (1793-1844) was one of those artists. Briggs was born in the town of Walworth, County Durham. He exhibited talent early on and by 1811 he was a student at the Royal Academy in London. He exhibited at the Academy in 1814 and every year after till his death as well as at the British Institution. Briggs was elected a member of the Royal Academician (RA) in 1832. From this point on he devoted his artistic life to portraiture even though his historical scenes were quite fine.

I acquired a small graphite sketch showing a woman’s portrait. It still amazes me that through so little so much can be expressed. I think he captures something in her face. The eyes and lips – finely done – with a bit of high-light on the nose and there is beauty shown. The capturing of an essence and displaying it with such ease. He certainly was a talented man.

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