Princess Victoria

When it comes to identifying a person in a portrait, it can be a painstakingly long process. A number of months back, I considered that the young woman in a graphite and body colour portrait in my collection might have been Jane Austin. I was informed that this was definitely not Jane since the dress worn by the young woman was from the 1830’s – after Jane’s time. Since then, I have looked at a lot of drawings and portraits. Here, now is another consideration which I put to my readers. Here are two images of the portrait I own and now I wish to show you a couple of images found on line of the young #PrincessVictoria. I see quite a resemblance from the known images to my artwork. The royals have always been a popular choice to portray and many a fine artist has attempted it. My portrait comes from 1836 which would make Victoria 17 years of age (1 year prior to her taking the throne). The portrait bears a date 1836 and a stylised ‘A’ (I think) which might stand for #Alexandrina, which was Victoria’s first name. Which would make this image a possible self-portrait. Victoria was known to be a very respectable artist. My artwork also bears the name Ellen Douglas but she could not have been the artist since she would have been 12 years old (a gift to a friend perhaps). It is certain she knew Victoria and likely spent a good deal of time with her since she was the daughter of the 17th Earl of Douglas who was a Scottish Tory politician who spent time at Westminster in London (House of Lords). I also have a small watercolour which I will set beside another portrait of the young princess. After looking at more online images, another thought has crossed my mind. Queen Victoria’s husband Albert was also a fine artist. This can be seen in the drawings held by the Royal Collection. He at times is signified by a stylised ‘A’. Might this be a portrait of the young Victoria by her yet to be husband. I think both of the portraits in my collection might actually be of the young Princess Victoria. I leave you to ponder the images and what might be.

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2 Responses to Princess Victoria

  1. Virginia Cox says:

    Hello, I was searching for portraits of young Queen Victoria and came across this drawing of yours which certainly startled me. I am trying to find out who the young girl is in an oil painting of my mother’s which seems to me to be a study or unfinished work …I think you would be interested in seeing this if you could contact me so I can send you an image jpg of this painting. I have been unable to find a signature or initials but would have to take a better look at the back of the canvas, unfortunately i live in italy while my mother resides in the UK so maybe when i get home…

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