Admiral Stoddart artist

A bit of a vague title today but hopefully I will have explained by the end of the chapter. In this case, the title might refer to #AdmiralPringleStoddart (1768-1848) or #AdmiralJamesStoddart (1813-1892) – father and son. Seafaring as well as artistic talent ran in the Stoddart family. James’ son Archibald Peile Stoddart also rose to the rank of rear-admiral making three generations of naval commanders. James’ eldest brother #ThomasTodStoddart was a well known poet and avid angler. James’ niece Margaret was a well respected New Zealand. artist.

The very finely worked watercolour has the displayed inscription on the verso and although the Admiral Stoddart is quite readable the place or title I have struggled to decipher (any suggestions gladly accepted). The mystery is the date. In 1854 Admiral Pringle Stoddart was deceased and James had not yet ascended to the rank. The work is comparable with other pieces which James produced during his naval career but the work might have been created by another artist and owned by Admiral Pringle. Either way the work is beautiful to look upon. Delicacy of tone and finesse of brushwork inhabit this small watercolour. See for yourselves.

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2 Responses to Admiral Stoddart artist

  1. Paul M says:

    I have 2 watercolours by Admiral James Stoddart with the same handwriting on the back. Perhaps he knew he would become an admiral. I have no idea where they came from but found them in my grandmother’s papers after she died.

    • ronald972 says:

      You maybe correct but that would be slightly presumptuous of him. The claiming of this rank would have been frowned upon. A set of his works were sold at auction,I think Sothebys, a few years back.

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