Peter Gilman and Julia Cassels

For me #PeterGilman (1928-1984) is a local artist.  He was born in Surrey and lived in Bedfordshire.  Peter specialised in marine and landscapes in oil, acrylic, and watercolour.   He loved to paint in situ outdoors enjoying the companionship between painting and nature in all seasons.  He travelled East Anglia, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and along the Thames finding his inspiration to create his art.

Hertfordshire 'Autumn' oil by Peter Gilman

Hertfordshire ‘Autumn’
oil by Peter Gilman

A warmth emanates from the earthy colours and the broad sky radiates a feeling of wide openness.  To some who come to live in the fens, this breadth of sky provokes a feeling of loneliness and singular smallness.  To other this wideness is exuberance and freedom.

To an artist who works mostly with charcoal, ink, mixed media, watercolour and bronze.  #JuliaCassels brilliantly imbues her subjects with movement, power and character and she has established a reputation as an highly-talented wildlife artist.  While living in Africa, Julia, worked with the Maasai people.  Her love of the African bush, its character and wildlife, is clear in every stroke of her paintings.  Vitality and energy flow from her sketches – a jumble of lines and shading.

Following by Julia Cassels

Following by Julia Cassels

Travels across Africa, Central America, and eastern Asia have shaped the rhythm, shape and rich colour of Julia’s work.  Her subjects are portrayed as if unaware that they are being drawn and painted.

Two artists portrayal of the world around them.  Varied, distinct and beautiful in so many ways.

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