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Certainly, in this country as well as many others, the rail-road has been and still is a large part of the industrial framework and development of society.  A way to move not only freight but people too.  And the workhorses of the rail-way is the locomotive.  Once driven by steam – now propelled by electricity or diesel. Watercolour paintings by #DEAN

HR 679 watercolour by DEAN

HR 679
watercolour by DEAN

This mighty engine has, I think an H and an R on the front which would mean it was part of the #HighlandRailway but that would mean its’ colour should have been green. These mighty beasts were the most powerful main line engines in the country. Originally intended principally as freight engines, they were often called upon for passenger duties especially during the fluctuations of traffic which occurred on the Highland Railway during the summer season.  Fifteen were built, and one has survived to preservation.  It was restored to working order in 1959 then spent a number of years ferrying train enthusiasts on tours and also appeared in the 1965 film ‘Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines’ It went into retirement in 1966 and is today in the Glasgow Museum of Transport.

Locomotive 50469 watercolour by DEAN

Locomotive 50469
watercolour by DEAN

No. 6000
“His body black as Erebus
……..Accorded with the hue of night;
His central eye self-luminous
…….Threw out a cone of noon-day light,
Which split the gloom and then flashed back
The diamond levels of the track.
No ancient poet ever saw
Just such a monster as could draw
The Olympian tonnage of a load
Like this along an iron road;
Or ever thought that such a birth–
…..The issue of an inventor’s dream–
…..With breath of fire and blood of steam,
Could find delivery on this earth.”
E. J. Pratt

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