Art of Recent Times

I find that I do not come across what one might call ‘modern’ art very often.  Many of the pieces that are in my collection are by recent or living artists but they might be considered to be in a more classical style.  I do have a number of pieces by artists and those pieces for me are in the field of modern art.  These pieces do not necessarily stretch the boundaries of art but they do require to some extent the viewer to expand their idea of art.  That is not as hard as it sounds if one is willing.  As with all my pieces, these have spoken to me, each in their own way.

Untitled by Fioraventi 1991

by Fioraventi 1991

A pen drawing to begin with by #Fioraventi.  Made of multitudes of spirals – seemingly random and yet to me I see a human form in the length thereof.  A design for a super-models catwalk attire or the doodling of a restless mind?  Even in its’ uniqueness, I find grace and ingenuity, design and randomness, obscurity and clarity.  A piece that does say look and see what I am, what I might be, what I can be.  I leave those answers to you for they are for you to decide.

The Face signed

The Face

Next a watercolour of a face – no not face but a head and neck. One person or three?  Undefined yet, certainly, it feels as if they are looking at you.  Ochres, oranges and browns give warmth and not menace to these who look outward.

2 Lights by Justin Hawkes 2005

2 Lights
by Justin Hawkes 2005

#Justin Hawkes is an artist  whose works are richly coloured abstracts with landscape inferences.  A love of life resounds from the pictures. These are paintings, celebrations of landscape, which are both an illusion of three-dimensional space as well as a reality of colour on a flat canvas.

I hope you have enjoyed venturing with me into the world of more modern/abstract art.  Be daring the next time you visit a gallery. Stand and stare at a pieces.  Find out what they are saying to you.

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