Art in Solitude

I wonder if the life of an artist is lonely at times, or possibly, do they seek out solitude for the sake of their art.   The image I present to you is to my eye a masterful example of watercolour painting.

A Mountain Lake unknown artist

A Mountain Lake
unknown artist

I, firstly, give you the whole image to appreciate.  Time has faded the image where it was not hidden by the matt when it was framed.  Take a close look and see the sublime detail in the depiction of the hills.  The muting of the colours. The blending of hue into hue.  The artist sat and painted this image for how long.  Hours? Days?  Did he return more than once to capture the light? To refresh his mind?  Did he return just for the solitude of the place?  To sit and gaze upon beauty, majesty, wonder.  To watch the mist rise from the lake waters, shrouding the countryside in haze.

And now the painting as seen when the matt is over laid.  Why has the artist decided to hide part of this image?  The quality does not differ.  I do not know why.

A mountain Lake2 unknown artist

A Mountain Lake2
unknown artist

The focus of the painting which one might have considered to be the misty lake has now moved to the brighter hillside in the distance. Whether this place is found in Wales, in Yorkshire, or in Scotland it does not matter.  The painting itself is very Turneresque in style . Mountain peaks and glacial valleys provided #JMWTurner with subjects for his exploring of the effects of coloured light through atmospheric mist. He mastered the use of watercolour to evoke the magnificent scale and natural splendour of this mountainous scenery.  I suggest looking into Turner’s watercolour paintings or visiting a gallery and experiencing his art first hand.  He is truly Britain’s greatest artist.

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