Art In Variety

Three different types of art today, a linocut, an aquatint, and a pen and ink drawing, all from modern artists.  Very different techniques and yet they produce beauty in their own ways.

The Cockerelby James Kerr

The Cockerel
by James Kerr c.c.c. 58/20

A linocut by James Kerr entitled ‘The Cockerel’.  I love the colours but to achieve this multi-colour effect one must cut a plate for each individual colour used and then press the paper again and again transferring each colour.  Since the linocut images may vary somewhat from each other, the effect can give a slightly offset or misaligned appearance.  One must cut the image which you are creating into the lino using either a knife, or a V or U shaped chisel.  One must be able to imagine your final image and then dare to cut away the unwanted portions of the lino.  I love the design of the feathers and the dandelion heads. A very nice example of the art of the linocut.

The Canal at Orsman Roadby M Brand 1976

The Canal at Orsman Road
by M Brand 1976

We follow on with an aquatint/engraving displaying  part of down-town London.   We stand along the canal at Orsman Road  looking towards the mighty St. Paul’s Cathedral.  The image is not in proportion since St. Paul’s should  appear more distant.  An atmospheric image of London under an imposing dark sky.  Dated November 1976, I wonder if it is raining or snowing or possibly the feel of the city to this artist is somewhat grey.

Hawaiian Geeseby Norman Arlott

Hawaiian Geese
by Norman Arlott

And to finish, a pen and ink drawing with white high-lighting by Norman Arlott   I say Norman Arlott because a small label on the back of the picture states it.  The image itself is not signed, titled, or dated.  Mr. Arlott lives in Norfolk in England and is a renowned bird illustrator.  Norman Arlott’s illustrations are modern, detailed, and very accurate.  He has created tens of thousands of watercolour paintings of birds for more than 150 books in Britain and beyond in the last 37 years.

Three unique artworks which display their makers’ skills and techniques.

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for the plug Ron. I really like your blog. It’s a super read and I’ll visit often.

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