Art in the East

In my art collection I have several small Japanese paintings. In looking at them, I find it amazing how different cultures see and interpret things around them and then portray them. Three of my paintings come from ‘The Matsumoto Studio’. These three Japanese watercolour paintings on paper are from the early to mid 20th century. They all display pairs of Kamo Mallard ducks. Kamo ducks remain faithful to each other when in pairs and these paintings also symbolise a good marriage and happy home. They have a few aging spots on the paper but they are still fine examples of this style and time.

Kamo Mallard ducks
The Matsumoto Studio @ 1920

Kamo Mallard ducks # 2
The Matsumoto Studio @ 1920

Kamo Mallard ducks # 3
The Matsumoto Studio @ 1920

I also have a pair of village scenes high-lighted in gold leaf. I do not know their age but I think they are older than the previous set. Once again the technique is wonderful and unique to this style and culture. One of this set has the famous Mount Fuji in the background. The roofs of the huts, the birds, and the bridges are all done in gold.

Village scene # 1
with gold high-lights

Village scene # 2 with Mt Fuji
with gold high-lights

These scenes are places I would like to see in person. Mt Fuji is spectacular and one can just imagine walking across the bridges from island to small island to visit neighbours and friends. I could sit outside my hut and watch the ducks in their pairs and watch them as they go through their life. Just a place I’d like to go. Maybe some day

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