Art of Locality

Living where I do has allowed me to travel but I also like to visit places which might not be considered far away. The following pieces of art which I have chosen are by local artists.

‘Going Home’ by E Herbert Whydale
etching undated



We begin with an etching of a couple walking past a barn door on their way home at the end of a long day. It is by E Herbert Whydale 1886 1952.

Well known for his etchings of country life he also loved to paint horses especially while they laboured.

The Royston Museum and Art Gallery have a fine collection of this local man’s paintings and etchings.






‘Angel Lane, Ipswich’ by Lois Goldsmith
etching from1934



My second picture today was done in 1934. I know nothing in regards to the artist, Lois Goldsmith but I do think that she has a very good eye for detail and the skill to portray it on the page.







Both of these etchings hang on the wall in my office. I find the skill and artistry in them amazing and I know that if I drive for a short distance I can be in the same spot where these two artists found their inspiration. Amazing what is so near and at times not seen.

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