Gwalior Fortress, India

I was given a watercolour this past week by a friend. He and his wife are moving and down-sizing. This work was painted by a distant relative of his wife. The sketch/watercolour was done by #MrsGranvilleBrowne in 1872. Even though she was an amateur artist, the depiction is very well done. The #Gwalior fortress may have existed from the 6th century. It has played a strategic part in many conflicts and has been control over the years by a number different parties including the British.

Inscription on verso of Fortress Gwalior watercolour.

Although done by an amateur this piece is more important from an historical perspective. I have not come across too many works of art from this time period involving India.

Fortress Gwalior – title and date lower right

I have two watercolours by #WilliamSimpson from 1862 and this a fine addition to that pairing.

A nice use of soft and muted earth tones combine with good architectural definition reveal a lady of some artistic talent. Pictured is the #SurajKund. A tank of water located in the fort. It is believed to have magical healing powers which would cure chronic diseases. Many people came and come to this place for a miracle. A calm and peaceful place with wonderful views of sunrise and sunset.

Fortress Gwalior, India, 1872 by Mrs. Granville Browne
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