Art with Inscription

This past week, I added what I thought was a nice ‘Italianate scene’ watercolour to my collection. On the back is an inscription. Now writing on artworks or books does not necessarily make them more valuable (usually less). The writing must be done by the artist themselves or someone famous to possibly increase value. That being said inscriptions can give historical information.

Inscription on verso of painting.

Above is the inscription from the verso of the small watercolour I acquired. It contains three names and a date. Onwards – 1838 is the year and the people are? Mr. Jacobsons remains a mystery but the the other two are known historical figures. #TheophilaGwatkin and #AnneGwatkin. You are likely still wondering who are they. Theophila Gwatkin (nee Palmer) (1757-1848) was an amatuer artist. She is better known as the niece of #SirJoshuaReynolds. She sat for him in a number of his paintings. Theophila Gwatkin had 10 children. Of those were Theophila and Anne -two of her daughter’s.

Lakeside vista

The watercolour has some talent to it. Could this be Robert and Theophila with daughter Anne strolling near their home, Killiow House in Kea, Cornwall? I will settle for knowing who the Gwatkins were and be content with not knowing the full story behind this work.

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