Ukrainian Art with a story

Today’s focus is on an oil painting not so much for its own sake but for the hands that it went through before coming into mine. It was given to #JeremyMarshall. A man who worked in international banking or many years and ended his financial career as CEO of C. Hoare & Co. – the UK’s oldest private bank.He retired after being diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2016. He remains as Chairman of #ChristianityExplored,PastorTrainingInternational and #ChristianBooksWorldwide.

This artwork was given to him in by #VictorYushchenko in May of 1994. At that time Mr. Yushchenko was Governor of the National Bank of the Ukraine. He later became the third President of the Ukraine (2005-2010). The occasion was the opening of the new banknote printing plant in Kiev. The plant was opened by then President #LeonidKravchuk.

The painting is a still-life. The artwork is signed and dated 1990. The pottery in the work is certainly typical of that produced in the Ukraine. I do not know what the other symbols such as the flowers, wren and fruit mean if they are symbols at all.

A nicely painted piece with an interesting story to hold with it.

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