Gustave Louis Jaulmes

Today's artist, #GustaveLouisJaulmes (1873-1959) was born in Switzerland and died in Paris.  He was an eclectic artist whose vast range of interests and wonder had him creating monumental frescoes, paintings, posters, illustrations, cartoons for tapestries,  carpets and decorations for objects such as enamels, sets of plates and furniture.  

Jaulmes was a neo-classicist in the Art Deco movement.  His early education was in Paris where he eventually studied to be an architect.  By 1902, Jaulme had quit architectural design for life as a painter.  As a muralist, his approach was that whatever his topic the artwork itself should grow out of the building and space being painted.  Jaulmes became known for his monumental frescos and paintings, his posters and his decorative objects.  He worked with Adrien Karbowsky on frescos for the Villa Kerylos and the Palais de Chaillot in 1902–08.  They decorated the walls of the villa with scenes from Greek mythology as chosen by scholar Théodore Reinach, often copied from Attic pottery (ancient Greek black and red pottery).  The drawing shown may be a sketch for a section of those walls.  He was a member of L'Atalier Français whose goal was the combining traditional and modern ideas to bring clarity, order and aesthetic unity to interior design.  Jaulmes received many public and private commissions to create murals for hotels, casinos, town halls and exhibition rooms.  He contributed decorations to the 1921 International Exposition in Ghent, and for three International Expositions in Paris.

As for my drawing by Jaulmes, I have titled it 'The Lovers' and it's style leads me to believe it comes early in his career.  It may be part of his work done with Karbowsky for the Palais de Chaillot.  Even so, it displays an ease of creation, a deftness of touch, and an eye for colour and space.  It is a lovely work and makes me want to visit to those places where his murals and frescos decorate the walls and ceilings.

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